I think it is important to understand what self care is before going into how to do it.

Self Care originated in the medical field- to describe the things a patient could do for themselves. It began with the very basics, like bathing and eating. It would then grow into Self Care for Care Givers- which was the idea that a Care Giver could not properly take care of their patients if they weren’t at their mental and physical best. This is when the phrase really took off within the medical field. The phrase has since caught on even outside of the mental health sphere- but I do believe that people occasionally forget what self care really is all about.

Anyway, this is the first of many posts to come this week on the topic. Most of them will not be power pts though- I just felt this one fit the format.

Another note though- Self Care isn’t about being happy all the time or about pampering yourself. It’s about making sure that you aren’t running on empty. It’s about preventing breakdowns and meltdowns by taking better care of yourself and listening to your body/mind and what they need. It isn’t about being over indulgent or selfish.

Sometimes we have to slow down and take care of ourselves first.

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    I encourage everyone that follows me as well as myself and take a good long look at self care.
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